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One of Best Alternative of Facebook Lite App


Hello Friends, in today’s article we will learn about ‘One of Best Alternative of Facebook Lite App’. This is a best alternative for official Facebook app and Facebook Lite app. Read the full features of this app as follows.

Download App From Here:

Want to use Facebook but can not use it due to battery and storage?

With Phoenix you can use Facebook without sacrificing batteries or mobile storage Phoenix is a Facebook cover that shows Facebook in its mobile-friendly interface and provides the original Facebook app experience. Beautiful yet powerful.

Want to use Facebook Messenger, but do not want 2 different apps?

You do not need to download messenger anymore.
Phoenix also offers in-app messages so you do not need to download Facebook Messenger.
We also give chat heads like Facebook Messenger to help you communicate outside of the app using floating bubbles.


• Custom Video Player with Download Options!
• Custom photo viewer to view Facebook photo in a detailed way with the ability to download or share without downloading them!
• Just click on a photo viewer or swipe down the bar to show a comment on a photo simplified!
• Long press the pictures to make them familiar to them without opening them too
• GIF support and GIF sharing without downloading them
• Chat Head like Messenger, which lets you chat from any screen outside of the app
• Facebook notifications and message notifications
• Ability to set timer timer for notification check
• Smooth and mobile data efficient
• Dark theme on all apps
• Phoenix lock to protect your privacy
• Adblock to hide Facebook’s “sponsored post” from all its feeds.
• Fast on opening page
and many more…

Phoenix is not affiliated with Facebook nor sponsored by Facebook icon, Pictures and copyright are the property of Facebook Inc.

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Gmail: [email protected] (Bussiness Inquery)

So, download the app and editing material and edit your photos more effictively. Hope you like the article ‘Best Photo Editing App for Android And Editing Material’, share it with your friends too! If you have any problem please leave a comment in comment box.

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