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Google just added great new features for its Chrome browser


We all feel very well that the tech massive google’s net browser, of course, google chrome has gained the browser conflict: with more than 50% stake, it’s far beforehand of the opposition on both computers and smartphones. However, now the tech massive google just brings its new chrome browser.

The tech giant Google’s famous web browser of technology, of course, Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. While trying to ensure the best performance, Google’s technology giant is providing the best features.

One of the new features, already announced by the vast majority of technology for the version 64 and 65, will bring an built-in adblock to block this automated redirect and degrading advertisements with this new version of the browser.

Certainly there are users who prefer when they access another site to another redirect. According to the latest Google technical information, such behaviors will be blocked by the user transparently by the browser.

In addition, the new Google Chrome browser will also detect abusive advertising and will just block it. This will be the first two measures to be implemented in the coming months.

After this, the giant Google of technology will begin to stop a type of redirect that acts as a reverse pop-up style: Instead of clicking and displaying an advertisement, the current site will be redirected to an advertisement, The link that you try to open will appear in a new separator

Finally, the browser will also block a new window when visitors click on an advertisement link hidden in the form of an invisible overlay or video playback control button.

The first two new features come with Chrome 64 and 65. The third change will be effective in January. The technical giant has released a device which has been described as an abusive experience report which will allow developers to see if their site is compatible or not. If there is an inconsistency in a site, then Chrome will take 30 days before blocking the site by opening a new tab and window.

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