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Facebook Removes “Delete Post” Option from the Desktop Web Version

Hey Guys! All of you know that Facebook always changing its interface, testing new features with a small selection of users to see what works and rolling changes back when they don’t pan out.
But definitely the Facebook wouldn’t save you customers from deleting their posts on its social network?Nicely, a flurry of proceedings throughout social media nowadays could suggest otherwise.

Dozens of reports suggest that those the use of the web-based totally model of facebook on a laptop gadget can not delete posts. We’ve checked this, and it certainly appears to be the case — “Hide from timeline” is there, but “delete” is long gone.


But, the option to delete posts is still to be had on the mobile website and on the ios and android apps.


Instinctively, this feature will appear instead of a bug – after all, why would Facebook have to stop users from their posts? There is no such way that this decision will ever be given.

When you go to your activity log, there is a place that has been shared on Facebook and allows you to review and manage it, so the option to remove is still true – however, the solution is not clear for anyone In the upper right corner of the post itself.


So could Facebook be testing this out to see what kind of feedback it garners or, indeed, whether anyone notices? Could it be a cynical ploy to get users to rely more on the mobile app? Facebook now boasts more than two billion monthly users, is playing an important role in the development of the company with mobile, so that it is certainly within the scope of the spot.

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