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Bonk Be Live An App Worth Billions Of Dollars Is Going To Change Face Of Streaming Industry


Bonk Be Live has reached the new heights in the live streaming application world after the launch of its self-broadcasting app for iOS and Android platform. It is a revolutionary application that is spending millions of dollars in the marketing to reach millions of subscribers in the United States, and rest parts of the world. The application has been designed after years of research and every possible measure has been taken to create an app that can meet the requirements of youth.

Bonk Be Live is a live streaming application that has made the mark in the online streaming world. The long text conversations have now been simplified to video conversations with Bonk Be Live app. The app also gives every broadcaster an opportunity to earn a decent income while streaming online. Yes, you have guessed it right! You can make money while interacting with people over the stream by running a commercial. The earned income can be withdrawn easily through PayPal or Bonk Be Live Debit card.

How is Bonk Be Live Worth Billion Dollars?

A number of analysts have already claimed that the live streaming industry is a billion dollar industry, and any company that is focusing on bringing the best technology to the live streaming world will surely grow in business in the coming years. Bonk Be Live is one of them. Boink Live Streaming, the parent company of Bonk Be Live is now operating from Delaware. Delaware is the place where nearly 65% of the Fortune 500 companies operate. With so many companies in the surroundings, Bonk Be Live will surely reach new heights.

Bonk Be Live has also been marked as the next game changer by 25 technology startups in the Silicon Valley. With so many unique features under its belt, the app is now the topmost leader in the live streaming app industry. It has already introduced so many AR features, but still, it is working on its AR to improve the overall experience. The 3D virtual gifts, screen drawing, and many such features will keep the users entertained. The virtual gifts can be exchanged for money by the broadcaster. Bonk Be Live means real business.

Moreover, the company has already signed the contract named – Imagically with one of the top marketers in the world – Greg Gifford. Under this contract, Greg will be working to increase the US subscribers to the Bonk Be Live app (both iOS and Android). Following his marketing strategies and spending over 25 million dollars in the marketing of the app, the company plans to reach 20 million subscribers in the US region itself.

Now, you can imagine if a company is spending millions of dollars on its marketing, it surely has plans to generate billions from it. Bonk Be Live will surely achieve its target soon and will reach a large audience around the globe with the exclusive interface and features it provides to its users.

Bonk Be Live – What’s there for the Broadcasters and Advertisers?

As talked earlier, Bonk Be Live has so much for its users. A broadcaster can reach millions of people who will be using this app by just broadcasting himself/herself. This will help the broadcasters to become a superstar if they are able to provide a nice streaming session to the audience.

Moreover, they can generate a decent income through the virtual gifts they receive from the audience. The virtual gifts can be exchanged for money. Not only this, a broadcaster can also run a commercial during the stream and make $50-$150 by promoting the advertiser’s product for 30 seconds to one minute.
The best thing about Bonk Be Live is that it provides means to every user to withdraw the earned amount from easily. A broadcaster can withdraw the money earned using PayPal or through the Bonk Be Live Debit card.

Bonk Be Live lets the advertisers ditch that conventional advertising model which is expensive and has less potential to generate leads. The modern-day advertising model offered by Bonk Be Live is less expensive and has more potential to generate good leads for the advertisers.

The End Note

Bonk Be Live is one of those applications that have made communication interesting and simpler for the youth. It offers a lot of augmented reality and virtual reality features to its users. You can now download Bonk Be Live for your Android and iOS device and start your broadcasting career with this app.

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